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The Collected Works of Jason T. Shapiro

Jason welcomes you to Tree Mouth Books.

Jason Shapiro

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About Jason  

A Teller of Healing Tales

After visiting the street where he grew up in 2006, Jason was inspired to write about his past. It wouldn’t be until years later that he published his memoir “The Magic of Mayfair.” In the story, Jason writes about meeting his best friend, childhood lessons, and the life challenges he faced as an adult.

Within the first several months of writing, Jason became an agented author with two children’s manuscripts he had written. Since publishing, The Magic of Mayfair, Jason has gone onto publish four more books: Brian, My Pet Lion, The Magnificent Mind of Ostaf, Lunch with Larry-A second chance to say goodbye, and a Social Illusion.

Today, Jason is currently working with #SameHere – The Global Mental Health Movement to normalize society’s perception of mental health and make it part of our everyday conversation. Jason is the FOUNDER AND DIRECTOR of the #SameHere – Author Alliance. To find out more please:

“When we can replace judgement with compassion, that is the true defintion of kindness.”

Jason Shapiro

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