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There’s Nothing Like a Good Book

A Social Illusion – What lurks behind all the smiles and laughter?

Jason T. Shapiro

Trevor Huxley’s life is unraveling at the seams, but he’s doing everything possible to portray the perfect existence on social media. Trevor’s best friend, Paul, a psychologist, convinces Trevor the best therapy method for improving his mental health is to come clean about his façade on Facebook.   


A Social Illusion celebrates the power of self-accountability and the belief that it is possible to transform our lives into the reality we desire.  

Lunch with Larry Cover 2.jpg

LUNCH with LARRY - A second chance to say goodbye


Jason T. Shapiro

Jason has been waiting years for this day. He’s made plans to meet his father, Larry, for one last lunch. He’s anxious to ask his dad questions he has held inside since childhood. The meeting becomes a life-changing occurrence for Jason when Larry takes his son on an unedited journey through each decade of his life. Jason is spellbound by all of the wonder, truth, and regret that his father recalls. What’s uncovered grants Jason the peace he has been searching for his entire adult life. Lunch with Larry is a heartwarming story that reminds us how fragile life can be and that living in the moment is a skill worth mastering.

The Magic of Mayfair

Jason T. Shapiro

In the summer of 1983, eight-year-old Jason Shapiro moves into his new home on Mayfair Court where he meets Jimmy Gallo. Their connection is instant and the adventures they will embark upon capture the essence and simplicity of being a child.

A mystical tree house in Jimmy’s yard quickly becomes the boys’ home base; a place where secrets are shared and lifelong bonds are formed. 

In 1989, when Jason abruptly learns that he is moving away from the neighborhood, he must say goodbye to Jimmy and the magical life he has enjoyed growing up on Mayfair Court.

A series of tragic events later in life brings Jason back to the street where he grew up. He reflects on his boyhood adventures and attempts to confront his unresolved regrets. When he uncovers a long-forgotten letter, will it finally bring peace to his life?” 

The Magic of Mayfair is a coming of age journey that weaves together the past and the present, with commentary from Jason in the current day. He recalls the joy of his childhood and the challenges of confronting his personal truths as an adult.

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Brian, My Pet Lion

Jason T. Shapiro

Today, Josh is bringing home his new pet, a lion, named Brian. While his family is excited, Josh is worried and nervous. He’s afraid that his pet could be WILD and FEROCIOUS. From the moment Brian charges through the open front door, all of the worries that Josh imagined begin to come true. After finding a quiet place to hide, Josh finally takes a break and begins to calm himself. Later that day, when Josh discovers that his new pet is also relaxed, a heartfelt lesson is learned. BRIAN, MY PET LION is a story about how our imagination can create fear and how peaceful thoughts can change the channel in our minds.

The Magnificent Mind of Ostaf

Jason T. Shapiro

Jacob Roth suspects his uncle, Ostaf, an outcast, may be the inventor of a new product Jacob's father has successfully marketed and is claiming credit for. During the final weeks of the summer before he starts college, Jacob embarks on a mission to ensure Ostaf receives any recognition and financial compensation he deserves. Jacob's persistence and unconditional love for his uncle will eventually guide him to the truth. Ostaf's basement full of inventions hides other secrets that will change Jacob's life, and the world, forever. The Magnificent Mind of Ostaf is a story that celebrates the misfits and dreamers whose passions and ideas make the world a better place.

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