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From the July 20, 2020 issue of Livingston Life: "When Life Gets To Be Too Much, Take A Trip to Jason Shapiro's Magic of Mayfair."

July 20, 2020

From Tap Into Livingston: "Livingston Resident Jason Shapiro's Memoir Fights Stigma of Mental Illness"

December 20, 2020

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From the West Essex Tribune: "Executive by Day, Writer by Night, Local Scribe Ignites New Passion."

October 17, 2019.

From the West Essex Tribune: “Local Author Addresses Imagination And Feelings in New Children’s Book.”

October 17, 2019


From JEWISH PRESS of TAMPA BAY: “Good stuff from the Jewish press.” 

JANUARY 15 - 28, 2O21

From the April 23, 2021 issue of Livingston Life: Jason Shapiro’s “The Magnificent Mind of Ostaf” will make you a believer in unconditional love.

April 23, 2021


From the West Essex Tribune: "Resident Publishes Third Book in 15 Months."

JANUARY 15 - 28, 2O21

From the Miami Herald  “Kids’ book shines a light on overcoming fear”

June 13th 2021

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