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Sloppy vs. Scrappy - Why so many people never accomplish their dreams.

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Often times, we feel uncapable of accomplishing our dreams. I mean, how could the “average person” write a song, publish a book, or craft a screen play. Don’t you have to be trained and skilled on how to do it? Isn’t there a precise method and structure that needs to be meticulously followed. The answer is yes…kind of. Let me explain. Of course, there is a structure and format needed for anything that we build or create. Whether it is woodworking, painting, writing, or sewing, there are basic fundamentals that must be accounted for. Those are required to start the engine in preparation for the drive ahead.

What is not require is perfection. Nor is it realistic to think that someone could sustain that level of execution. It’s impossible. The fear of failing, is why so many people take ideas that could have changed the world, to the grave. It’s that simple.

This brings me to the title of this blog. Sloppy vs. Scrappy…what is the difference? Well, the answer is simple. Sloppy means you cut corners and did not do your best. Scrappy means you did the best you could, within the resources you had.

Releasing something into the world that is done scrappy, is a million times better than never doing it all. Never, ever, be afraid to be scrappy.

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