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Prime - Not the "Amazon" Version

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

The definition of the word prime, is having all of the expected or typical characteristics of something. Why has society declared that one’s prime is predetermined? Who signed off on that? I know I didn’t. Once we surpass a specific age, we are instantly less capable than we were before. In my eyes, this thought process doesn’t make logical sense.

Unfortunately, It is engraved into our minds at a young age that every profession has an assigned end date. It is implied and expected that we should be conscious of when that time is. Mark your calendar, because once you pass this crossroad, it’s time to pack your bags. Be grateful for what you accomplished and accept where you are in life.

When we truly believe that one’s age does not define our productivity or imagination, we can begin to escape the mental prison that we created. Please, break free and stop letting this fictitious word prime determine when you stop creating, dreaming, and believing!

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